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Orange County Business Lawyer

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BUSINESS PRACTICE AREAS: You can find information pertaining to the following specialty areas:
  • Business Acquisition & Sales
  • Business Entities
  • Debt and Credit
  • Health Care
  • Litigation
  • Ownership Disputes
  • Real Estate

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NOTABLE CASES: You are in competent hands with Winsten Law Group. See results of our significant trial and litigation experience. Review our notable cases. We take care of our Clients

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“THE ART OF THE DEAL”. Our transactional practice includes negotiation and documentation of business deals during which two or more parties lay out their promises, representations, warranties and expectations in one or more enforceable contracts. You will be guided through your business transactions with the Winsten Law Team. Learn more


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LINKS TO HELP YOU! These links will guide you through various aspects of your business cycle. Check back, the links are always expanding. Enjoy! - Mike Winsten
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